Artist Statement (Final Blog Post)

In this Art semester I have learned countless new techniques and have grown as an artist. At the beginning of the year I was just trying Art class out because I didn’t know what else to do. I’m happy to say that I have enjoyed Art this semester and am considering taking it next year in grade 10. My favourite Technique/Media would have to be plain old drawing, or inking. I don’t really notice a style in my artwork but I can sort of see that I go for something that includes a sense of realism. This semester I wasn’t really open to trying new things in the beginning but I have now opened up a little to trying out other types of techniques and media like watercolour and plasticine. I feel my largest area of growth is in shading and drawing. I’m going to make a strong effort to keep creating and practicing Art after I finish the semester. What I am most proud of as an artist is my ability to be patient sometimes and to not rush. All in all this semester in Art has opened my eyes to different types of media and techniques and has inspired me to continue with discovering more stuff to do with Art in the future.


Freedom Friday Final Update (Finished :D)

To my surprise I have finally finished my freedom friday project! It look me over two hours and several tears were shed(not really). For my friday project I drew a penrose triangle. This is a shape that cannot exist in real life and is an optical illusion. Below are 2 pictures of the process:



Inspirational Art

An artist that gives me great inspiration is an urban street artist who goes by the name of Banksy. Our class had learned about him a little bit and I just love his art style. Banksy’s art is very mysterious cause no one really knows who he is. His art is usually an inspirational quote that has a hidden meaning to it. Here are just some of his works that really caught my eye:



Bah Relief Examples

[From] Bas-Relief is a kind of carving or sculpture in which the figures are raised a few inches from a flat background to give a three-dimensional effect.

Here are some examples of Bas-Relief:

Abstract Bas-Relief Art Found HereOra-ito1-500x310.jpg

Modern Abstract Bas-Relief. Taken From Here


Barbera Reid…

I was given an assignment by my teacher to view some of artist Barbera Reid’s videos on her Youtube channel and then pick my favourite one. My favourite video was the “Simple Trees: Spring” video. I liked this video because it blended a light blue colour with a pinkish colour to create a beautiful sunset. It also showed the overlapping of different clays. Barbera Reid is an artist who used the artistic technique “bas-relief” with different coloured clays. She has made several children’s books with this technique.

Video on Barbera Reids “Simple Trees: Spring”

Friday Project Update

This is just an update on my Friday project and where i’m at with it.

Unfortunately, i’m having quite a bit of trouble deciding what I would like to do. I do want to do something abstract and with watercolour paints but I do not know what yet. I also am thinking about doing an abstract landscape painting with acrylic paints. I do not have a photo because I haven’t physically done anything on paper. I have just been watching a lot of tutorials and techniques on youtube to prepare for what i’m going to do. Hopefully I will have something planned out by next Friday. 🙂

Blog Assignment #1

  1. I’ve learned how to use different types of media such as: Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Conte, and other media. I’ve also learned how to draw a sphere while using different aspects of light. I have also somewhat learned how to use watercolour paint and pencils. I really liked practicing different ways to add value to art. On the left I have my sphere drawing and on the right I have my mixed media assignment.

20151005_111627 20151005_111639